Stratiforme Industries regularly recruits:

– Confirmed composite molders (M/F).
– Confirmed bodywork finishers (M/F).
– Experienced assemblers (M/F).

Notre actualité
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who we are – Groupe Stratiforme Compreforme
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Who are we?

Your partner towards composite solutions.

Let’s find together
Solutions to your needs

With nearly 60 years of experience, Stratiforme Compreforme Group designs and produces composite material parts in various industrial sectors such as Defense, Railways and Medical. We are also specialized in the integration of equipment (windshield bonding, cabling, assembly…).

Our expertise at your service

Thanks to its Technical Centre, Stratiforme Compreforme designs composite solutions, qualifies new products in its Laboratory, and manufactures complex systems at its production sites located throughout the world. Our Co Design proposal makes it possible to optimize costs in advance of the phase.
In particular, we focus on mass saving needs by maintaining high mechanical strength, while integrating additional functions such as heating, fire resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, anti-slip effects and electrical leakage lines.




Design and integration of your products

With customer satisfaction as a priority, all our products are developed in our Technical Centre. We provide expert advice on the development of your products to find simple, reliable and effective solutions to complex needs.

From concept to industrialization

From prototypes to serial parts, we design your parts with the expertise of the manufacturers, for upstream choices adapted to the various production processes and the technical characteristics required.

A global presence as close as possible to our customers

Our production sites around the world allow us to be as close as possible to where our products are integrated. Our technology transfer processes offer you great flexibility in defining your supply chain.

Expert, mobile and responsive customer service

Solving your problems is the concern of our customer service: composite repair, assembly and various gluing… Our dedicated team will come to you to better understand your needs and react as quickly as possible.

Innovation as a driving force for our teams

Innovation and renewal are in our DNA: R&D, continuous improvement, time to market reduction and Industry 4.0 are the pillars of the Group’s strategy.




Technical Center


Production sites


Years of experience