Stratiforme Industries regularly recruits:

– Confirmed composite molders (M/F).
– Confirmed bodywork finishers (M/F).
– Experienced assemblers (M/F).

Notre actualité
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Our values – Groupe Stratiforme Compreforme
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Our values

Increase customer confidence

The meaning of a job well done is cultivated at all levels of our societies.


It is a commitment by all, a sense of responsibility by all and a sense of development. Each query is processed with reactivity thanks to dedicated workshops via our shared quality process.


Your products are our work, we are proud of it and wish to share with you every day what we do best.

Engaging with employees

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Stratiforme-Compreforme. This involves a dialogue as close as possible to your multi-services teams in order not only to provide you with a product that works, but above all a solution that will make your task easier at all stages of your value chain.

Innovation is what has made us a leader for years. Our industrial environment, our customers and the needs of end users are constantly changing.


Technoforme Engineering, our core technical expertise allows us to adapt but above all to create trends by engaging in well-targeted innovation projects involving the major players in the industry of tomorrow.