Stratiforme Industries regularly recruits:

– Confirmed composite molders (M/F).
– Confirmed bodywork finishers (M/F).
– Experienced assemblers (M/F).

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Our solutions – Groupe Stratiforme Compreforme
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Our solutions


Compared to a traditional material, composite materials often allow significant weight savings for the same rigidity.


Thanks to our laboratory and our calculation department, we master the technical characteristics of our products and optimize their thicknesses and characteristics.


The mechanical behaviour of composite materials depends on the properties of each of its components, the volume fraction of fibres present and the mechanical strength of the interface between the fibre and the resin.


Thanks to our research and laboratory capacities, we test and compare the latest innovations in terms of matrix or reinforcements, in order to keep only the most efficient for our products.


Fireproof systems play a decisive role in areas that are important for the safety of daily life. Coatings used in transport and public buildings such as hotels and theatres are subject to particularly high fire protection requirements.


To meet fire safety requirements, these materials must be equipped with a fire retardant that limits, slows or prevents the spread of fires. Our experience in the French, European and international railways allows us to offer certified products in each of the major industry standards (EN, DIN, NF, ASTM).


User comfort / Safety: The first advantage of a heating composite is the comfort it provides by diffusing a pleasant heat in a homogeneous way on all or part of its surface, heating your interiors or preventing the freezing of your outdoor infrastructures.

Invisible: Unlike other heating solutions, heating composites are fully integrated into your product, giving you complete freedom to integrate this function into your concept. Silent: As it is embedded in the room, the heating element does not emit any noise pollution


Good sound insulation is often difficult to achieve with less than 3 layers. Most often, it is a question of composing a good partition with a hard material to make a mass, a rockwool to make an insulator / chopper and a flexible wall for the high frequencies.

Thanks to our composite sandwich constructions, we are able to offer easy-to-install products with all these features in a single panel! Discover our product Isolaform to know more about it.


The insulating power of a material is assessed on the basis of its so-called thermal conductivity λ : it is its intrinsic capacity to transmit heat through its thickness, from a warm face to a cold face.

The lower the conductivity, the smaller λ is, the greater the insulating power of the material. Most of our products are themselves insulating or thermally reinforced with products known for their effectiveness. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Our anti-slip coatings can be used in various environments in industrial, transport and maritime environments.

As a real floor covering, they can be used both inside and outside. There are different thicknesses for different constraints such as high passage, wet or dry environment for example.


Our products can have antistatic properties that allow electric fields to be deflected when included in suitable designs. We manufacture, among other things, roof hoods located near pantographs and composite insulators. Discover our Accum product to learn more.